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Terms of Service

You must own the copyrights of the content and the content itself
The following content types are strictly prohibited: pornographic material, material of violent content, “extreme” political content, racism, copyright infringement.
Get for a Post must not be used for malicious purposes and content must not under any circumstance contain malicious code. Must not be malware or viruses of any form.
The content provider must ensure that the content is always accessible. withhold the right to delete the download button if this rule is broken. Get for a Post may use any of the free buttons created by users to use for marketing purposes for Get for a Post at anytime without notice or requiring permission. Get for a Post provides a free service and we aim to keep it free. Allowing Get for a Post to use users buttons for marketing helps us to promote both the user and our system/website.

Rights and Responsibilities is not responsible for the content provided by the content owners. does not guarantee that the service is always accessible. The server may be down at times for maintenance

Your Comment Text
No offensive language or swear words are allowed. We withhold the rights to decided what is appropriate and what is not.
The comment must be descriptive of the content. For example: A song should say it is a song and perhaps the name of the band.
Your comment text will include the link you provided to where the download button is placed online automatically, so make sure it is correct. If it needs changed use our contact page

Your Privacy may use your e-mail address for future communications when creating a free button. You can unsubscribe at anytime. does not post any Tweets or posts on Facebook without the users authorization.

Your Personal Data will never give away your personal data. does not save any user data of anyone who uses the purchase system except for when asked for an e-mail and name for a mailing list for pro user's. This will be made obvious to you and will give you the option to opt out of any mailing lists. respect your privacy and endeavor to make the whole experience painless and easy. We will never spam you. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Respect Your Networks
You have to respect the rules of Twitter and Facebook.

If any of the terms are violated your ip address and e-mail maybe blocked. has the right to delete created download-buttons at any time without notice. withhold the right to change the terms of service at anytime without further notice.

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